I’ve been asked, in a roundabout sort of way, to write a “blog”, and I must confess to being more than a little flattered to have been asked. I have written the odd small piece for our village magazine in the past, which the Editor has seen fit to occasionally publish when he found he had room to spare, and it was indeed he who, having been approached by the masterminds behind this brand new website you have discovered, asked me if I would be interested in contributing. It was only later I fell to wondering if the reason he had asked me was because he didn’t want to be bothered doing it himself.

Being of a certain age, I admit – although having heard of the expression “blog” – I was not altogether clear as to what one was. My Oxford Dictionary was of no help whatsoever, jumping from “block” to “blond”. It did manage to define a computer, however, as “usually an electronic device for storing and processing data in binary form according to instructions given to it in a variable program”, so I feel there is still sufficient life in my edition yet to inspire and confound!

I decided to Google the word “blog” in an idle moment of whimsy, as I reflected upon having been invited to consider the proposition without really understanding what exactly was involved. Within .78 of a second, 79,600,000 pages about writing blogs, blogging – even something about a blogosphere – appeared before my bamboozled eyes. I eventually came across the definition I was looking for. I did not know that blog was a contraction of “web log”, and I went on to learn that it was an informational web page consisting of a series of discrete units called “posts”.

I was so pleased to see the correct use and spelling of “discrete” here (it is so often used these days when the writer means “discreet”, and is a source of great annoyance to the pedant in me) that I read on. I discovered an entire new vocabulary I never knew existed. I learnt that in the blogosphere there was a bloggernacle, which turned out to be an online Mormon tabernacle! Curiouser and curiouser! It was about this time I came to the conclusion that this immense profusion of blogging was probably more than enough for the poor old world to cope with. And then, I couldn’t help feeling that there was something rather attractive about the number seventy-nine million, six hundred thousand and one!

And so, as a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, I have finally decided to post my musings to the website manager as and when they occur to me. Am I being just another silly blogger? I have been called something similar before. Reader, beware! My views and thoughts are entirely eclectic and will range widely and with little or no theme. I may, upon occasion, amuse you; more often I may annoy and frustrate. For that, I apologise in advance, but you have been warned . . . . . . .