Wootton Stores – a traditional forward-thinking shop

In many ways, Wootton Stores is a traditional village shop. It stocks all the basics –

you can always get a loaf of bread, a pint of milk, and the latest village news, and you can rely on a friendly welcome whatever time of day you pop in. But as our customers will tell you, Wootton Stores is no ordinary shop. From freshly-baked croissants in the morning to the famous ‘top shelf’ wines and Cook ready meals – perfect for a Friday evening drop-in – Wootton Stores is full of unexpected delights waiting to be discovered.

Wootton Stores is a community-run shop, and the community of Wootton is really something special. The brilliant volunteers make the shop the very best it can be, and the Shop Manager, Rachel’s enthusiasm for reaching out to the community for feedback and ideas makes for a brilliant combination of tradition and forward-thinking.

Wootton Stores may stock ‘Ye Olde Sweetie Jars’ but we’re also online! Follow our facebook page for all the latest news and updates (and don’t forget to tell your friends about us) and keep a look-out for our blog posts on our dedicated area of woottonweb.org [HYPERLINK].

We’re part of a village effort to promote woottonweb.org as a vital part of our amazing community so if you’d like to get involved, get in touch!