A year of celebration – 10 years of Wootton Stores

Saturday morning fizz

On Saturday 18th November 2017 Wootton Stores welcomed all its customers to help celebrate its 10th Birthday. Everyone was offered a glass of fizz and a piece of

a beautifully decorated birthday cake made by Nicole Clarke – naturally, the shop was packed!

The very beginning

About 11 years ago, following the news of the shop’s imminent closure, Miles Tuely called a meeting to discuss the possibility of running the shop as a co-operative, staffed by volunteers. Many in the village expressed enthusiasm – and in the true spirit of this wonderful Wootton community – a committee was formed, advice and help given by Oxon Rural Community Council, and £10 shares were sold throughout the community.

Opening day

On 18th November 2007, Wootton Stores opened its doors – Pam Jones having nobly volunteered to be the first Manager. Under her supervision, volunteers acquired the many new skills required, and grew in confidence – leading to the awards of, first, the Runner-up and then, Village Shop of the Year.

Pam Jones was succeeded by Rachel Jones as Manager, and the shop has gone from strength to strength.

It was lovely to celebrate its 10 years as such an important and integral part of our community.

The three most important elements of any village community are a school, a pub and a shop.

We are extremely lucky in Wootton to have all three.