Wootton’s current playground is much loved and well used. Recently areas such as the seesaw and bridge have had to be decommissioned due to age and safety.

The Playing Field Management Committee (PFMC) decided that it was time to stop spending money on the existing playground and turn efforts towards achieving a new playground for Wootton’s children to enjoy.

The first step was to ask the children what they would like most in their playground. The PFMC approached Wootton primary school and they did a great project. Splitting into 3 groups they each designed their own playground, presented their plans and finally voted for the winning design.

School project

Next the PFMC appointed a sub committee of four to make the new playground a reality. Len Seymour, Andy Warner, Andrew Ferguson and Graham Lawrence are responsible for finding suppliers to deliver a great playground for the whole of Wootton to enjoy and to secure the funding to make it happen.

The playground subcommittee plan to create a great space for children to play and to use the memorial field to its full potential for teenagers and adults alike.

Although we are still finalising the finer details of the plans, open the file below to see what we have so far.

Aerial Image


Adult & teenage equipment

So what happens next?

We strongly believe in including Wootton’s children in the design process and will be presenting our plans to Wootton primary school on the 17/07/17.

It is important that the playground plans are right for whole of the Wootton community, so we are presenting to the Parish Council during the meeting on the evening of the 10/07/17 for feedback and advice.

Beyond this the playground sub committee will be getting busy applying for grants, approaching generous Woottoners for donations and organising fund raising events.

Two events in the pipe line for which you can save the date are:

Wootton Playground Family Fun Day 27/08/17

Wootton Playground Folk Night and Beer Festival 09/09/17 (after the flower show)

What can you do to help?

Please help us fundraise. We have a crowdfunding page where you can donate now:


If you would like to create your own fundraising challenge and ask your family and friends to sponsor you then we have a sponsorship form available to help you.

Sponsorship form_v2

You can transfer your sponsorship funds directly to the dedicated account held by the Wootton parish council;

Account number 89055101 Sort Code 558135

Please email us when you make a transfer so we can thank you, or if you have other ways to help us fundraise please get in contact: woottonplayground@gmail.com You can follow our progress and talk to us on our Facebook group:

“Help restore Wootton’s playground”