Date: 11th April 2016

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Extraordinary Meeting 11th April 2016 MinutesPDF


Extraordinary Meeting of the Council at 7.00 pm on Monday 11th April 2016

Village Hall


Cllr Tuely (Chairman)
Cllr Warner
Cllr Loftus (late arrival)
Cll Seymour
Cllr. Thomas
Cllr Gabbatiss
Jane Carlin (Clerk)
One member of the public

The meeting was opened at 7.00 pm

Apologies Cllr Yates

1. Disclosure of Interests: There were no declared interests

2. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting on 14th March 2016 and Confidential Minute: the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 14th March 2016 and Confidential Minute were approved

3. Matters Arising:

• Village Well Repair: The insurance payment of £1,125 has been received. Cllr Warner has contacted Witney Joinery to undertake the work (cost £1,200) and this is likely to commence at the end of April.
• Seat in need of Repair outside the Rectory: Cllr Gabbatiss is seeking a supply of wood to undertake the necessary repairs
• Signpost: Cllr Warner has successfully obtained the missing letters and is waiting for dry weather to replace them.
• Overhanging Trees in Castle Road: these have been cleared

4. Approval of Parish Council Accounts 2015/16: The opening balance at 1st April 2015 was £4,333.39. The total income was £12,653.72 (this includes insurance payment for repair of the Village Well of £1,125.00) and total expenditure was £10,760.50. The surplus for the year 2015/16 is £1,893.22 which gives an opening balance for 2016/17 of £6,226.61.The accounts are to be passed to Richard Adams, RFO to sign them off and Phil Parker will kindly carry out an internal audit – Cllr. Tuely expressed his thanks to both.

5. Annual Governance Statement: The Chairman read out the Annual Governance Statement. Following discussion, the Council agreed unanimously to answer ‘yes’ to statements 1 -8 and N/A to 9 as the Council does not have a trust fund.

6. Wootton Mums and Toddlers Group: This is in danger of ceasing due to lack of support and finances – they currently run at a deficit against the £9 Village Hall rental. Cllr Seymour suggested this would be an excellent use of PC finance to invest a small amount to keep the benefit for mothers and toddlers in the Village. The Village Hall Committee has agreed to provide rent-free usage for April and Wootton Relief in Need will pay for the May rent. Help with fund raising events offered by Ann Day and Cllr. Thomas. Cllr Tuely suggested a donation of £120 to see the group through the immediate difficulties, payment to be postponed until requested. Clerk to contact Kirstie Lawrence, Chair of Wootton Mums and Toddlers

7. Financial Matters and Bills to pay
Parish Council bank balances:
Current (No 1 a/c): £6423.44
Parish Council Project Fund (No 2 a/c) £531.53
Business Reserve a/c: £0.04
• Donation to Burditch Hall Committee re Queens Birthday tea party £100 (dated 31.3.2016) Cheque No. 000383
• Medals for Queens Birthday – Tower Mint Ltd £128.40 (dated 31.3.2016) Cheque No. 000384
• Re-issue of £500 precept payment to Wootton Conservation Trust – original lost. Cheque No. 000385
8. Planning: Wootton Down Farm – Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. Removal of existing external door and window and replacement with new central half glazed door with side lights. Internal alterations and reconfiguration (16/00897/LBC)
10. Election of Parish Councillors: As a result of an uncontested election five person were elected Parish Councillors for Wootton Parish Council: Cllr Simon Gabbatiss, Cllr Peter Loftus, Cllr Len Seymour, Cllr Joan Thomas, Cllr Andy Warner. The Parish Council needs to co-opt two additional members. Article to be sent to Outreach – Clerk The declaration of acceptance forms and form for interests registrations will be sent to the Clerk for completion by all the Councillors at the next Parish Council Meeting on 9th May.
11. Any Other Business
• Dog at Wootton Place: Cllr Warner mentioned that the caretakers of Wootton Place have a large dog which recently jumped over the wall at a passing dog walker. Although not aggressive, it was intimidating – Cllr Warner to contact Wootton Place occupants.
• Litter Clean-up: Cllr Tuely expressed his thanks to Cllr. Gabbatiss and all who took part for organising a very successful tidying of the Village. Cllr. Gabbatiss praised West Oxon District Council in their efficient collection of the waste. Mention was made of a pile of bushes near the garages at Milford Place which have been left from an earlier tree cutting job carried out by the Council –Clerk to contact and request clearance.
The meeting ended at 7.30pm
Dates of Next Meetings Monday 9th May 2016 Annual Parish Meeting 7.00pm
followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting 7.30pm
Monday 11th July 2016 7.30 pm
Monday 12th September 2016 7.30 pm
Monday 14th November 2016 7.30 pm

Jane Carlin (Clerk, Wootton Parish Council)