The Parish Council meets on a Monday evening, every two months. We look after many aspects of the Wootton community and environment, so please come along to Parish Council meetings to join in the discussion – and also please consider standing for election!

The Parish Council comprises of: Mr Peter Loftus (chairman), Andy Warner (Deputy Chairman), Joan Thomas, Simon Gabbatiss and Len Seymour who were elected unopposed in the council election. Karen Braden and Barry Gubbins were then co-opted to provide the expertise and energy we need. The Clerk to the Council is Bobby Damerell who has taken over from Jane Carlin recently. We are grateful for the excellent service that Jane provided during her period as our Clerk. We have a packed legislative programme for period 2016-2019, and we are both keen and happy to help improve our community in any way possible. Please contact any member of the council to raise issues of concern, suggestions for initiatives or just for further information.

Our new Chairman, Mr Peter Loftus, has provided this brief biography so you know a little about your new Chairman:

At the last Wootton Parish Council meeting I was, to me, unexpectedly elected Chairman. That being so, I thought you might like an abbreviated history of who you have elected.
I have been married to Sarah for 42 years and we have 4 children and currently 5 grandchildren. We have lived in Wootton since 1976, first at one end of the village and now at the other end.
I qualified as a Chartered Accountant but rather than spend the rest of my life auditing, I went into manufacturing. Sometimes with, sometimes without my family, I have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Belgium, USA, Russia, Turkey, India, Germany and Spain.
When I was much younger I used to competitively race sports cars, shoot large bore rifles at ranges up to 1 kilometre and sailing.
My life has never been boring but there have been moments of extreme third world terror. There have been many postings where the car is always full of fuel and maps, the boot is full of food, water, sand mats, shovels etc. because one never knows when it will all kick off and self evacuation is the only way to survive.
Finally, I am 71 years old, still an active shareholder and director of two construction/ development companies and my own management consultancy. So that’s a bit of me and now the bloody grass needs cutting again.

More Information

If you would like more information regarding the Parish Council please contact Bobby Damerell, Clerk to the Council, at bobsdamerell@hotmail.com

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Parish Council Meeting Minutes July 2020

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Parish Council Meeting Minutes May 2020

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Parish Council Meeting Minutes March 2020

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Wootton Parish Council January 2020

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