Supper at the Killingworth Castle

It was a hot day on 6th August 2016 and so my dad thought it would be nice to have supper in a pub garden. The Killy was the closest so we decided to walk so that Mum and Dad could both have a drink.

We ordered our food and drinks at the bar and sat down in the garden as they no longer let you order outside. After 5 minutes of sitting and talking the waiter brought us every imaginable condiment that he could find (after last times visit when they were brought out just as we were finishing eating). This included ketchup and mayo when none of us were having chips!

However the service was prompt with our starters. I had smoked salmon and brown bread which was exactly what it said and no frills. It was still very tasty and plentiful. Mum had chicken liver parfait. I tried some of this (on my brown bread), it was smooth and squishy in the mouth and proved extremely satisfying. Dad had some sort of salad with quail’s eggs in it – he seemed very happy with it.

For main course I had lamb and dauphinoise potatoes, with shallots and broad beans. I asked for my lamb to be cooked pink which was the right choice, the texture was right with just the right chewiness. Overall it was a good dish with all of the flavours blending very well. Dad had pork tenderloin with tiny bits of shredded bacon. Dad was very happy with the dish, however when I tried it I thought mine was better. Mum had cooked pork tenderloin for us a couple of weeks ago and it compared well, with similar texture.

Mum’s main course was Brill with a breadcrumb crust and pea volute. I tried this too, the pea volute added colour to the dish being bright green. The flavour was very different to the brill but the flavours merged well. Mum seemed to enjoy it (and the glass of wine she had with it)

After a long wait for pudding, because someone had ordered 15 portions of takeaway fish and chips our treacle tart arrived. It was served cold which surprised us but this didn’t take away from the delicious sweetness and squidgy consistency of it.

Overall the evening was enjoyable. If I had one complaint it would be that the menu was at short on dessert choices with only 3 options other than ice-cream or cheese. We also noticed that people were turned away even though the pub did not seem that busy which seems sad for them. This happened to us a few weeks ago so not good to see that they haven’t sorted the problem.

Marks out of 10 = 7.5