Woodstock-armsOn Thursday 7th April 2016 I went with my grandparents to the Woodstock Arms for lunch.
We walked into a warm homely atmosphere and asked the waiter to seat us. He took us to a table in a cramped area of the large room. This was fine at first because it was not busy but as more people arrived it became uncomfortable.

The waitress brought over the menus. There was lots of choice varying from crab fritters for starters to a wild boar burger for a main course. I went lighter and chose potted shrimp to start and a fillet steak with chips and green beans for main. The drinks menu however was an easier choice because there were not many soft drinks to choose from. I went with a cup of tea.

The starter came out very quickly after we ordered, demonstrating good service which carried on throughout our meal.
The potted shrimp was served with white toast. I tried the shrimp on its own first and found that the initial moment of taste was a pleasant fishy flavour but the aftertaste was a tangy and bitter lemon which I did not enjoy. However, the sharp edge was taken away when eaten with toast.

After the shrimp my main course was brought out with not much time in between. I had ordered a medium rare steak so the first thing I did was cut it in half to see what it was like in the middle. It was perfect – splashes of dark pink and brown made me want to scoff it down in one! The chips were in a small bowl on the side and the green beans were in a separate dish not on the plate.

I cut into my first piece of steak and tried it. It had a juicy texture, full of beefy flavour which made my heart bubble. The chips were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and just the right size, not to thick and not too thin. The green beans were sublime because they had a modern twist being sprinkled with baked breadcrumbs on the top. I would recommend this dish to anyone.

For dessert I had sticky toffee pudding. I was expecting a small portion but when it came it was HUGE ! I dug in and tried my first spoonful and the sweetness blew my mind. The sponge had a pleasant soft texture and a rich gooey sauce. I couldn’t finish the dish as it was so big but what I ate was very enjoyable.
Over all I found the meal very satisfying and I would definitely like to go to the Woodstock Arms again.
Marks out of 10 = 7.5
AKA Warner